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Freeform Buildings
→ Ceiling structure for Roman age fresco
→ Apartment restoration, Budapest, Toth L. street
→ Pedestrian bridge, Pecs, Hungary
→ Dongela, Family House
→ Residence addition/restoration,
San Diego, California
1. Project title: Pedestrian bridge
2. Site: Hungary, Pecs, Rozsavolgyi street;
3. Client.Private;
4. Area: 15 m2;
5. Function: Structural;
6. Stage: Completed, before painting;
7. Team: Project manager, design: Portik Adorján, Structural engineer: Árva Péter; Fabrication and construction: Dezső Alfréd, Varga Tibor, Horváth Imre, Zsiros Ágnes, Ignácz Dániel, Ignácz Gábor

The purpose of the project is the realization of a pedestrian bridge, assuring the access to a family house. The entrance to the plot and the location of the residence is divided by an approx. 2,5 m deep trench. Out target is to reduce the height difference between the plot-entrance and the ground floor level of the residential building.
During construction, the bridge needs to assure the access of small machines needed for the building process.
In the design we paid attention for the natural environment and created a simple structure, modest in the appearance.
Dimensions: Length: 10 m; width: 1,5 m;max. height: 3,5 m;
Load bearing capacity: 2,5 T, with the reinforcement of the plank.
Components: Reinforced concrete basement volumes, reinforced concrete columns in concrete bricks, ’I’ beams, wood plank floor, steel handrail with wood bars.
Our assignment contained the full realization: design, production and site work. The building time was 3 weeks.