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Freeform Buildings
→ Ceiling structure for Roman age fresco
→ Apartment restoration, Budapest, Toth L. street
→ Pedestrian bridge, Pecs, Hungary
→ Dongela, Family House
→ Residence addition/restoration,
San Diego, California
1. Project title: Apartment restoration
2. Site: Hungary, Budapest, XII.- district, Toth Lorinc street;
3. Client. Private
4. Area: 107 m2;
5. Function: Residential;
6. Stage: Completed
7. Team: Portik Adorján, Zsiros Ágnes; Sántha Attila, Hoch László;

The target of the project was the restoration of a apartment, of a residential building, in a green area of Budapest. The owner and client is a young, self-conscious but flexible person, who creatively contributed to the realization, from the design to the building management. The external walls and the slabs of the building are build with reinforced concrete, resulting an echo in the internal spaces, therefore one of the restoration purpose was the improvement of the acoustical properties.
Our team’s engagement contained the following:
- Existing situation documentation: the plans, descriptions and photo documentation of the spaces, surfaces, installations, etc. The composing of the Client’s expectations.
- Concept design: Proposals for the new arrangements, from architectural, interior design, electrical and mechanical point of view;
- Budget calculations: For every stage of the project, containing the full cost, with the related detailing;
- Construction and building documentation: Containing the demolishing plans, the general building specifications, the construction details drawings and descriptions, the consultant designer’s documentations and the final costs with the contractor’s price offers;
- Architectural site survey: the coordination of all involved parties,
- Partial building participation: Building of the covering wall. Surface treatment of the plywood surfaces used for the wall finishing, the door surface covering and for the kitchen furniture. The big plywood covered wall’s purpose –next by the aesthetic- is the acoustic one.
The duration of the project was seven month’s and next by the successfully realization we gained the friendship of the client.