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Freeform Buildings
→ Ceiling structure for Roman age fresco
→ Apartment restoration, Budapest, Toth L. street
→ Pedestrian bridge, Pecs, Hungary
→ Dongela, Family House
→ Residence addition/restoration,
San Diego, California
Freeform Buildings 06: Round-cube
3D Puzzle model

Size: 60/40/40 cm
Material: 3mm Plywood
Pieces: 250 total
Mounting/dismounting time: 1 day
Investor: Novinex Ltd.
Designers: Portik Adorján, Nagy Gábor, Caterina Quarta
Builder: Nagy Bálint
Package size: A3 on 5cm

Mountable / dis-mountable object, based on the Freeform Buildings parametric construction system.
The 3D puzzle object is composed by 250 pieces, the connections are realizable by clicking junction between the elements.
Structurally the object is a double shelled cupola, with double curved surfaces formed by the triangles.
The element are cut by CNC machine from 16 piece of A3 sized plywood panels, the sheets are packed in a plywood box, in which the elements are collectable after dismounting the object.
Load-bearing capacity: 80 kg.