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Freeform Buildings
→ Ceiling structure for Roman age fresco
→ Apartment restoration, Budapest, Toth L. street
→ Pedestrian bridge, Pecs, Hungary
→ Dongela, Family House
→ Residence addition/restoration,
San Diego, California
1. Project name: Dongela – Family House
2. Location: Great Britain, Furnham, Seale.
3. Client: Szaradics Andrea, Rigó Tamás
4. Total net area: 160 m2
5. Function: Single-family house
6. Design stage: Completed
7. Design team: Portik Adorján, Németh Nilla
8. Project date: 2013-2015
The building is located on a site south-east to London, in a historic area of country side detached single family homes. With a community sensitive to conserve the natural and build environment, pretension as well to receive the building permit.
The assignment of the design was to renovate and to enlarge the existing building, originally built in 1931, with additions realized in 1977.
Our proposal was a full remodeling of the interior structure and functions, and the increase of the build area on the roof/1st level. In this strict conditions regarding the external part of the building the formative concept starts from the center of the build volume, where we positioned a two level high space, closed from above with a skylight and where the vertical circulation –the stair- is located. All the other functions are accessible from here, a basic radial composition of positioning the spaces. The sole intervention on the level of the elevations was the enlargement of the openings for the living-dining-kitchen area.