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Freeform Buildings
→ Ceiling structure for Roman age fresco
→ Apartment restoration, Budapest, Toth L. street
→ Pedestrian bridge, Pecs, Hungary
→ Dongela, Family House
→ Residence addition/restoration,
San Diego, California
1. Title: Freeform Buildings 09 – Shadow Canopy
2. Client: KESZ Holding
4. Area: 520 m2
5. Function: Atrium portal and canopy
6. Design stage: Concept
7. Design team: Portik Adorján, Tomasz Jackiewicz, Berze András

One of the main scope of the project is the design of an entrance element for the new office building, by accentuating the entrance with considering the pedestrian walkways.
Other aspect of the structure is the shadowing capacity for the glass box of the atrium, which was realized by a positioning of the planes in a way that the high positioned sunlight is reflected during summer, but in the rest of the year the glass-box can be reached by the direct sun, gaining solar heat for the hole building.
On another side, the structure is expressing the Company’s profile specialized in construction of metal structures.
The composition of the structure is square pipes and perforated metal panels.

Open the concept design in the following document ↓
FFB09 Concept (Hun)