personal data
Freeform Buildings
Between 2004 and 2007 primary I was designing apartment buildings as project leader, handling all coordination with the consultant designers and carrying out the architectural site survey.
My contribution to the shopping centre developments of the office was through meetings with the authorities and investors in Hungary and Romania.
Also in my current office in the beginning I was working on two high density housing projects.
Similarly, while participating in these developments, I met the investors, authorities, architects, consultant designers and the contractors of the apartment construction - boom until 2007.

The high-density residential design is not that as spectacular-technologically or aesthetically the multifunctional one, but the responsibility of designing homes always reminds me to treat it with maximum attention, to provide from the allowed budget and time the proper comfort for the residents.
Not an easy task in highly profit oriented developments.
The residential design taught me in practice how to plan rationally, how to move the energy of the fake decorations to the aesthetics of the useful.