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Freeform Buildings
1. Name: Free Form Buildings 01 – Family House
2. Location: Cioboteni, Romania
3. Client: Szász István, Dobos Emese
4. Area: 320 m2
5. Function: Single-family house
6. Design stage: Under authorisation
7. Design team: Portik Adorján, Rajnai Csaba, Fasching Ferenc Ferdinánd, Gömöri Csaba, Sariri-Baffia Enikő, Benécs József
8. Description: The building is designed for a five member family. It contains -next by the living area- five bedrooms and two bathrooms. The internal spaces are arranged in the living area in a high ground-floor, the bedrooms and the service areas on two levels. The garage and an external storage forms a separate volume.This project is the first application of the „Free Form Buildings” construction system.The description, the comparison with the brick and wood construction systems and some of the application samples are reachable on the developer’s website.
Main characteristics:
- Patent description title: „Polyhedral surfaced, internal celled, space dividing structure.”
- By the method we are able to build the structure of the thermal shell of buildings, in multiple curved shapes, which are containing the insulation.
- Components: Oriented strand board panels (OSB), slats;
- Connection: bolts, pegs, tacks, adhesives;
- The internal cell of the structure are filled with blown insulation;
- The covering of the structure is with the usual materials: from the internal side with gypsumboard panels, from the external by boarding, metal sheets, concrete, plastering;
- The construction requires low technology: the elements are cut in atelier by computer controlled machines (CNC), numbered and assembled on the construction site by no special preparation;
- Special or heavy tools, metal, laminated timber, reinforced concrete structural elements are not needed: the structure work as multi layered cupola.
It’s application is reducing the energy consumption of the building, the presented example is corresponding the passive house requirement of 15kN/M2/year in a environment of 6 degree/annual medium temperature.
The heating is based on air to air heat recovery and ground heat exchanger ventilation.
The description of the construction system:
→Freeform Buildings method description

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