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Freeform Buildings
Construction method concerning the external shell of the building.
Patent title: Polyhedral surfaced, celled, space dividing structure.
Main characteristics of the system:
- Freely form-able volumes, double curved surfaces with a simple, accessible technology
- Increased structure and thermal values
- Self supporting structure form the roof and external walls, whereupon almost any cladding material can be applied
- Cellulose, mineral or glass wool blow insulation in the internal cells of the structure
- Cost efficient, low technology required
- Prefabrication, mass production mounting-dismounting possibilities

Sample projects:
→ FFB-01: Szasz House
→ FFB-02: Arc/Bridge
→ FFB-03: Family House
→ FFB-04: Multifunctional Hall
→ FFB-05: St. Emeric Church
→ FFB-06: Roundcube
→ FFB-07: Venice Biennale Application
→ FFB-08: Armchair 01 and Stool 01
→ FFB-09: Portal+Canopy

→ Building model animations

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