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Freeform Buildings
Brand: Freeform Furniture
Title: Stools
Material: polished, varnished white birch surface 8mm plywood,
Dimensions: 36x36x42 cm
Weight: 1,7 kg

Concept: the design started with the form of a double curved surface, a thin shell generating the shape, which is divided in triangles, resulting a very comfortable, softly flexible and strong structure. Almost any variation of size and angle of the elements is possible for individual dimensions.
The strength of the structure is assured by the plywood, one of the strongest building material.
The joints are realized by connection elements, fixed by wedges.
The elements are cut by laser from surface treated plywood.
We deliver in pieces or assembled, the packaging is flat, we can deliver in a sheet of 8x300x500mm.
The assembling is like a 3D puzzle process: the joints are numbered, the fixing is glue-less, the wedges are fixable with a hammer, the duration is approximately 0,5 hour.
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Cut by: R+C Zrt.,
Photographer: Székely Judit,