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Freeform Buildings
Concept and design
In the beginning of this summer we started to accomplish an old desire: furniture fabrication.
Since in the last five years we focused our architectural activity on the design of double curved structures, we are applying the same concept. As a result we form structures of surfaces with curved character.
The change of the scale –from buildings to objects- demanded design of different joints, application of a different technology in assembling. But remained the same the use of wood based materials, the building technology -use of 3D software for modelling and to prepare the drawings for the cut- and our method to form volume. The Freeform Buildins construction method (developed by our company) allow us an increased plasticity in the realization of surface modelling. During the design we stretch the surfaces in any direction until we reach the desired shape, after we divide the surface in triangles and in the end we design the assigned structure.
From the abstract point of view of the working process (synthesis) there is no difference between a chair and a building.
The firts to models of furniture are a chair: Freeform Armchair 01 and a Stool: Freeform Stool 01.

Material and technology
The most plausible material was the plywood, in which case if the surface is palpable we apply surface treatment: polishing and matte or shiny varnishing.
For the presented models we used beech tree covered plywood of 6mm width.
The elements are cut by computer controlled laser, according our drawings.

Packaging and assembling
The cut is –in the case of the chair- is realized form five panels of 50/70 cm, the stool is cut from one panel of 50/70 cm. The importance of the flat-packing is prior from the view of the transport and from the optimization of material use.
The assembling is comparable to a 3d Puzzle: the number of the elements for the chair is 55 and for the stool 12 pieces, numbered according the joins. The setting process is approximately 1,5 h for the chair and 30 minutes for the chair.

Plans and market
The double curved surface and the structure modelling – independently from functional, material or even size- are carrying a notable significance in the contemporary design. We plan our prior activity in this field. Regarding the furniture we started to develop other model and the combination of different materials. For the moment our fabrication is focused on numbered models in limited series, we are looking for funds and partnership to expand, any attendance is welcomed in this sense.

Technical data
Freeform Armchair 01:
Material: 6 mm beech tree plywood
Seat height: 40 cm
Max. height: 84 cm
Seat min. width: 42 cm
Max. width: 77 cm
Weight: 5,5 kg

Freeform Stool 01:
Material: 6mm beech tree plywood
Seat height: 38 cm
Seat width: 40 cm
Carrying capacity: 120 kg
Weight: 1,5 kg

Design: Adorján Portik
Photo: Judit Székely
Manufacturer: Bálint Nagy