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Freeform Buildings
1. Name: Free Form Buildings 04 – multifunctional hall
2. Location: Budapest, District 4, Káposztasmegyer
3. Client: Megyeri Tigrisek Basketball Club
4. Area: 9400 m2
5. Function: Multifunctional hall
6. Design stage: Under authorisation
7. Design team: Portik Adorján, Ertsey Attila, Nagy Gábor, Árva Péter
8. This project is the fourth application of the „Free Form Buildings” construction system. Based on the invitation of Ertsey Attila (Kor Epitesz Studio Kft.), we designed the geometry and the structure of the building.
The span of the structure is 70m, the thickness varies between 1,2 and 0,8m. The metal sheet external covering is switched to glass at the main entrance and the roof skylight, to introduce the natural light in the interior, but also to present the structure.
The two cross sections are different: on the joint between the external wall and roof plane on of the is sharpened in console to exterior and the second section is flattened, by this we assign to the building volume a wavering dynamism at this rounded junction-line.

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